Here's Why You're Broke…

You are Broke because of Fear

Fear is a stream of negative consciousness that you’ve developed over time.

You fear starting something new, you fear expressing yourself through the written word, you fear public speaking, driving in the busy city, etc.

The human mind is the vehicle for human actions. There’s no point in life that you will rise above what you believe.

I always get feedback from my aspiring writers: “My friends are into freelancing, and they are very successful. I don’t know if this is the right thing to do. Will it fully pay my bills?”

This question displays untold fear. You can imagine that this person knows other successful freelancers. However, when it comes to him: the courage to write and earn from his skills vanishes. You can only go as far as your mind can take you. You can also earn as huge income as you purpose.

You are in that state because you are complacent. You are not willing to do more. You are in a state of comfort and at this point in life, you just want to go with the flow.Unfortunately, people are working their asses out. They are building their future right now.

As you sit there thinking of how young you are, and you don’t want to be stressed out by new ventures: someone somewhere is building his wealth and health. No particular person can limit you from attaining greatness besides your mind.

On this day, purpose to stretch your mind further for you to enjoy the abundance of life. At Luminous Writers, we are excited to enroll a group of enthusiastic individuals who have realized the benefits of freelancing. They are ready to be committed and are passionate about writing for money.

In a matter of 7-14 days, we’ll be very pleased to release them to the vast job market. I always insist that there is no shortage of jobs in the writing industry. You only require to have the skills and know the tricks to win in the industry: be sure to get that from our team of experts.*

You have this weekend to register for Monday’s class. We will close the enrollment on Sunday at 9:00 PM. Our mantra remains: ‘First come, first served.’ We don’t take pride in large numbers but in quality services.

If you are still new here, don’t worry!

Get all details from our website: Take your time to learn about each course, its relevance, and then enroll from the site.

We’ll be pleased to have you in our team of expert writers. WhatsApp-0717306138

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