How to make it from zero to hero in interior decor business

Start Curtain Business with no Investment and without skill

Would you like to start a curtain business?

Are you aware that the fabric business is under ventured?

Would you like to get into it?

Do you know that this business lies on the manufacturing industry that can adequately solve your financial needs beyond your expectations? You are the determine if the pricing since you bring our the end product from your raw material (curtain fabric).

There are a few things you need to have before getting into the curtain business

1.  A Sewing machine and stitching

2. Curtain& sheer fabrics

3. A business premise

4. the Target market

The three are the most useful factors to consider while starting the curtain business

I would like to help you start the Curtain Business with no Investment.

For this reason, I’ll provide the first  three requirements then you deal with the target market.

Let me analyze how I will help you with the three.

1. Sewing Machine and stitching

After getting your clients, we shall stitch for you. You’ll only require to tell us when you need your order done.

2. Curtains & Sheers Fabrics

You will not require to stress yourself out on understanding how the fabrics are classified and where to source them. You will only require to ask us the cost of the fabric in the market and availability so that you can determine the price. Also, we shall source for you with the wholesale prices since we buy them in bulk.

3. A business premise

You don’t require to rent a shop. We shall allow you to use our location in case your client wants to check out the variety of fabrics or where the client wants to pick up the curtains. Also, we shall deliver all curtains in form of parcels countrywide.


Capital house 1st floor (room 5) same entrance with pettans next to Ambassadeur Hotel (Near Archives) Moi Avenue, Nairobi.

Feel free to peep in any time.

No. 4 is on your side. You will only require to use your smartphone and word of mouth to spread the news about your new curtain business. You can call it: Winnie Interiors, Modern Curtains, etc.

You can create FB pages, WhatsApp groups, Instagram profiles, seek curtain jobs from friends, Telegram, etc.

To get started or to reach us: WhatsApp:0115254054

Our FB page: Citti-posh Interiors and Decor.

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