Mitumba business in Kenya -2021

Mitumba business is among the fast growing businesses in Kenya. Interestingly, this is the kind of business you can start with a very low capital of about Ksh.3,000. This is dependent on the type of clothes you intend to sell and their quantity. However, if you intend to buy bales, which have higher profit margin, you can invest between Ksh.10,000-Ksh. 300,000.

How to Know About Quality 

It is crucial to note that Mitumba clothes are classified into various categories depending with their quality. For instance, first camera are high-quality clothes that are almost new. As such, you will find that other lower grades will be cheaper than 1st camera clothes. No wonder you can find one bale of khaki trousers going for Ksh.20,000 while another will go for 12,000. Don’t be enticed by the low cost. Always be keen on the quality of the product. Therefore, you must understand the language used in the market. You must consult with a mitumba guru to direct you on how to get the right grade to avoid losing your money to worthless commodities. As such, I would recommend 0717306138. He’s an expert in Mitumba business and he’ll direct you to the right quality in regard to your clientele base.

Where to Source

I bet this is the most useful question in this article. I always get the question on almost every post. Where do I find “mashimo?” Funny enough, the “mashimo” are always in areas you cannot predict. We know of Gikomba, bit where specifically? Have you ever gone to Gikomba, followed people to get where they source their commodities only to buy clothes just at retail price? They talk of Cabannas Godown. Have you travelled all the way to Cabanas and left the place frustrated? That’s the mystery of the so-called “Mashimo.” 

Therefore, I wouldn’t like you to waste your time and end up desperate. You have the energy to start up, make a living and grow the next big Mitumba store. Thus, I would like you to use the straightforward path to get there. For all the Mitumba clothes, shoes, gumboots, toys, etc: contact 0724545863. He will give you the right counsel and take you to all the source you desire. He understands the best places to source at the lowest market price. You will find yourself getting a bale worth Ksh.24,000 at Ksh.15,000. Just know, knowledge is power.

Target Market & Profit Margin

I am glad you have come to this point. You now have your commodity: who is the buyer? Whenever I am addressing this question, I put a smile on my face. Why? If you have an appealing product, who wouldn’t come for it?

The major problem with the sellers is that they allow the fear of unknown to drive them. You know what: I will give you the trick right here. Today, the online market has really thrived. Gone are the days when people would sell creased clothes hoping from one estate to the next. As a smart Mitumba seller, you need to stand out. 

If you decide to go for baby clothes e.g. rompers: Wash them, iron and take wyalitg photos. Create a Facebook page and Istagram for them. Post the pictures and share in your profile and numerous marketing groups. You will find that a clean and ironed romper will attract a customer of Ksh.500 as opposed to Ksh.100 when not washed. 

The customers are attracted to organized, clean and quality products. If you give them that, they will be ready to pay any amount you pin on your products. If you need a digital consultant to direct you in creating the pages and starting off, are the best. They will help you to start making high sales in a few days.

With the above tips, you can aggressively go into mitumba business and make a fortune. Don’t try the business, go and do the business. You are destined for greatness.

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