New customers to enjoy free one month delivery on Jumia Prime

Africa’s leading E-commerce platform Jumia has announced the launch of a Jumia Prime campaign which will take place during the month of May. The campaign will see new customers sign up for a one month trial and receive free deliveries on orders placed on the company’s platform.

We want our customers to think of Jumia Prime as the key to making e-commerce a part of your everyday services. With Jumia Prime, delivery is FREE – so you can order the small everyday things (groceries, beauty, home products) and the big things without even thinking about it. It becomes a habit, and saves you time & money.” said Jumia CEO Sam Chappatte.


Jumia Prime is a loyalty program which allows its members to benefit from free delivery on all their Jumia orders, Jumia Food deliveries , exclusive access to promotions as well as rewards and partnerships.

Existing customers will also enjoy discounts on their subscriptions. The Jumia Prime subscriptions will be sold on the Jumia platform through pre-payment only and will be automatically activated within 24hrs.

The service is currently available in Nairobi, Kiambu, Mombasa, Nakuru and Eldoret. Prime customers will enjoy a 3 month subscription for Ksh. 499, a 6 month subscription Ksh. 1,099 while annual subscription is Ksh. 1,999 in Nairobi.


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